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Tarotscope from Crystal Green at SilvermoonYour Tarotscope for October/November 2018.


The Tower.

A strange month for many of you Aries out there! There seems to be some confusion as to what you really want in your life…Almost as if you’ve just woken up from a long dream and are confused…Time to have a reality check to see if what you think your bringing into your life is what you are likely to get in the long run…not a time to take chances…money may be uncertain too.

Your lucky number is 5.



Seven of Swords.

Time to come back down to earth and reality! Sometimes it isn’t possible to get everything you want by simply wishing…there are sacrifices to be made and perhaps not enough time to make them. You may be feeling somewhat frustrated and overwhelmed. Perhaps time also to go back to the beginning and look at it again. Life isn’t just a game, it’s for real!

Your lucky number is 7.




The six of pentacles

A happy time ahead with the love and support of friends and family, A situation that was on your mind has no been dealt with and you can put the episode behind you and carry on… All in all this should be a good month in which you can recoup some of the losses that have been made recently, and financially at the very least you should break even and be all set for new projects and adventures.

Your lucky number 6.




The nine of pentacles.

After a difficult few months things would seem to be looking up for cancer!.. Certainly there seem to be more options during October and November then there has been for quite some time. If there is any little cloud on the horizon it is more to do with family than anything else and you may be worried about a certain member of the family who is about to undertake something quite difficult.. However your fears are unlikely to be justified in the long run.

 Your lucky number 1.



The World.

This card is suggesting that times really are a-changing for you, it seems that it’s almost time for you to step into the next portion of your life with confidence and optimism and forget some of the difficulties that you have been experiencing over the last six months. A time of meeting new people and even thoughts of new work? If this is the case then go through it because the timing couldn’t be more right.

Your lucky number is number 9.




The Queen of swords

Time to take up arms and fight back! For too long you have let others rule the roost and tell you what you can or cannot do and yes, this can often be a problem with mild tempered Virgo, but push them to far and they will amaze you with their courage and strength! Ask yourself is this your time? and if so... Don’t take any nonsense.. Don’t take any prisoners… Set out what you want to do and if it’s well thought through and you feel in your heart that it is ‘you’ then go for it and ignore all opposition.

Your lucky number is number 1.




The Two of swords

Things have seemed to come to a bit of a standstill over the last week or so… Don’t worry it will get going for you again! Sometimes we need a lull just to catch up with ourselves and it would seem to me that you are going to be very busy over the next six months! But look carefully at your finances you may not be doing as well as you presently think and you may need to revise something important… But all in all a better time ahead for most Librians!

Your lucky number is 7.




The Chariot

This card suggests moving forward in the right direction… And you will know what this is about, because you spent a lot of time recently thinking about changing certain things in your life. You seem to have a great deal of wisdom where your own future is concerned at this time, so don’t let anyone else interfere with this and tell you that they know better than you do… Change is necessary from time to time, and the changes in the future for you are more likely to be good than anything else. But you need to keep your confidence up and believe in yourself!

 Your lucky number is 2.




The King of cups

This card suggests

That one way or another ‘love is in the air’ but you will probably know that by now right? And whether it is welcome or not it will certainly do a lot for your ego… This is a time when you may be thinking about friendships/relationships and family ties, and perhaps there is someone you need to reconnect with who you have simply drifted away from over the past few years… A time to reconnect the ties with people who support you to take you into the next phase of your life which will be different should be positive… And definitely interesting!

Your lucky number is 3




The Strength card

After a somewhat confusing time recently, you will suddenly begin to see things with great clarity and you may feel inspired to make quite radical changes to your life over the next 6 to 8 months. And where before you may not have had the strength or even the energy to take a chance on something new, it seems that now that energy is growing and ideas are coming unbidden to your mind of what you could do in the future. There is also a feeling of learning something new? So if this is what you are thinking go for it! Seems like you can’t fail right now.

Your lucky number is 8.




The Magician

This card sees you trying something new or trying something that you have never tried before, certainly this would seem to be the time for pushing forward and doing so may make a lot of difference to your life generally. There is a feeling here of being able to achieve whatever you wish to achieve as long as you are clearheaded in what that is! Perhaps this is all inevitable and has been coming for some time? If you feel that you relate to this then perhaps you should think carefully about what you want to do for the next 10 years? And then go for it!

Your lucky number is 8.





The Two of rods

The card shows that something is about to happen… You have got to a point where the question has been asked and the answer is expected, and this is all about progress. So whether this is new job, new relationship or simply putting your foot on a new pathway in your life it is an important and to some extent sacred time for you. Think carefully before you make your choice… Is this something you want just now, or is this something that you hope will lead to lasting success and contentment in the future? Whatever this is that is coming your way, it would seem to be for the best even if the way of getting there is sometimes difficult.

Your lucky number is 1.



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Tarot readings at Silvermoon
The meanings of your lucky numbers for the month.

Number one
Strength, commitment, single-mindedness, the ability to stand on your own feet and to deal with anything that comes your way that is difficult or uncomfortable.

Number two
Friendship, partnership, feeling included in peoples affections. The ability to blend with others in any project or group.

Number three.
Growth, positive movement forward, confidence. A good time to start a new project particularly if joining with others to do so, or to create or buy business.

Number four.
Balance, confidence, creativity. A good time to create a project or build a house! The ability to 'see the wood for the trees' in a very positive way.

Number five.
Not at ease with life, looking for a change but confused about change of what sort. This number may be a catalyst in your life allowing you to move on.,

Number six.
Ongoing growth and the prospect of real success! This number will help take you to a place of security in your life and allow you to see the way clearly.

Number seven.
Uncertainty, instability, the precursor to change with a capital C. This number will allow you to know that things cannot go on as they are, and you must take steps forward.

Number eight.
 Difficulty in seeing what will happen next, growth and movement forward but not always able to control that growth or see where it is leading. This number will help you to be confident at this time and to maximise opportunities.

Number nine.
The number of completion...the finish of something good, working towards the end of problems, Achievement and Success and ready to move on.

Number 10... See number 1.