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Unfortunately for the moment Lily no longer has her own site, this is due to somewhat unexpected changes because of BREXIT...( yes it does seem to effect us all... even psychics!) our main spells have been transferred to this site and if you go to this page you will find them on a shortened order form for the moment. Over the coming months we will gradually move all of Lily's pages to this site but as of now it is still possible to book work with Lily...and if you wish to have a reading with Lily, please book the special offer £20 reading advertised on the index page but be sure to nominate Lily to do it for you! any questions or confusion please email us on...

Here is a small popular selection of spells offered here. (PayPal)

Spells on Love money work and more....



















(curse) REMOVAL.




Recent Feedback for Lily:-

"I requested a spell from Lily to help me with a long and arduous business trip I was set to go on - to keep me positive, upbeat and stress free! What Lily produced was better than I could have expected. The trip was a great success, and all was smooth and calm. I attribute this wholly to Lily's work and I have full faith and confidence in her ability to assist and help in a variety of areas of life. I have no hesitation in recommending her - she really produced 'magic'. By the by, Lily is really friendly and understanding, too. This helps enormously in getting the spell up and running.

Thank you, Lily!!! JB" 

(Cambridge, U.K.)

Book a premium Email reading £20 With Lily here!

Lily also has bespoke spells for situations that are less obvious and will wish to advise you on what is best to book in this case.

With Bright Blessings!

Because of the number of sites now offering this sort of work that are simply money scams, Lily and Crystal have decided to 'join forces' in this work at Silvermoon, to offer you a service that you can be sure of and trust!

Crystals excellent ongoing reputation as an international psychic lending strength to the work that both Lily & Crystal do!

Once you have decided to let Lily work on your problem, she will offer to do a free psychic divination for you before any work is booked.

 She will then advise you whether in her opinion spell-work is suitable for your case, and if she recommends it for you. She will never ask you to buy work that you can not afford!

Please be led by Lily in this...she is the expert and will never suggest spell-work if she feels that it hasn't got a really good chance of working in your case!

Unlike many sites that take your payment for spell-work and then you never hear from them again, our work for you also commits us to close contact with you during the length of the work...and often far beyond that point.

During our paid work for you we undertake to support and counsel you, and to generally 'be there for you' with whatever work is needed. All the spells offered on Lily's site are reasonably priced, and if you need more than one spell, Lily may offer to reduce the price for you. Once you have paid...there is nothing more to pay! all our spells have a 'one off' payment. We do not keep asking you for more! Lily will also keep in touch with you during the duration of the spell work.

Lily says:- I follow the 'laws of return' in all my work which is ethical and uses only 'white' magic.  you will shortly be able to see more about this when the new pages are added to this site from my old site... and lots more information about being a witch and what we do .


Feedback for Lily:

"Lovely Lily has been a wonderful support right from the start. She has been honest and realistic, and given me hope when I wasn't sure if there was any. She has always gone over and above and is one of the most genuine people I've ever met. Thank you Lily for everything you've done!"

"Thank you for all you have done because I know that if it wasn't for you I wouldn't feel the courage that I have now that either way I will be fine!" "Thank you for your help -really means the world to me to have support through this. You have been most kind and generous". 








Spells & Advice- Please note the following: For reasons of legality, all psychic, clairvoyant, & medium readings advice & spell work are deemed as for 'entertainment purposes only'.  

You need to be over 18 to use this service.