"Crystal, I have been lucky enough to have your insight and gentle understanding on a number of different matters over the last few years. I just want to say that I think you are a truly wonderful lady who has undoubtedly helped many people over the years."
Psychic Crystal Green Premium Email Readings £25!PREMIUM INDEPTH PSYCHIC EMAIL READING with CRYSTAL
 2019... In these difficult times I am keeping the price for this Premium Reading   
 for the rest of 2019 at... 

  This reading answers 3 important questions and explores your options, and your most important priority question given great attention! This special reading is excellent value!
Plus!!!  Free Absent Healing when required.
all for £20!

"Hello this is Crystal! Welcome to my really good value premium email readings created for these difficult and restricted times!"

So here it is! A lovely £20 reading for you that should give you all that you need. and during February, a free monthly predictive reading.
 A meaningful and enlightening email reading for only £20!

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'Premium Psychic Email Reading' with Crystal. £20.00  plus 3 questions.



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