Fung Shui work



Use the rules of feng shui to help your work go smoothly and to bring new work to you!

It is very important to have your workspace set out in a way that supports you and makes it easier for you to work.  If you work at a desk and make sure that the desk is never cluttered!  Having a healthy plant on your desk, particularly one with dark green and glossy leaves will help the work along, remember this plant must be taken good care of and kept healthy for a to positively affect your workspace. A small lamp at eyelevel is also good feng shui, particularly if your place of work has fluorescent lighting.

Make your work space a projection of your self, in other words, make it like a little bit of your home workthat is clean, tidy and uncluttered.

There is not much you can do about where your workspaces if you work in an office, but you can create a positive ‘chi’ if you make your workspace as personal and as comfortable as you can for yourself.

Do not have anything that distracts you on your desk, in a workspace photographs are distracting and will take your mind off what you should be doing, if you like family photographs in your workspace try to arrange them behind you or to the side rather than closely in front of you.

There should never be a television set in your workspace unless you actually use it as part of your work, and if television is necessary then balance it with a plant quite close to it on the right-hand side.

The idea is to bring the constant good flowing energy into the in which you work, bringing a small vase of flowers freshly into the space every day can do wonders for the chi, and will prevent you from having headaches or feeling lethargic.  As will a piece of rough Rose Quartz or Amethyst on your desk space.

Importantly try to arrange your desk so that you can see the door or entrance when you look up... if this is not possible then do the best you can by making the actual desk area very personal to you.

work2To bring better work into your life or to manifest promotion, the same rules apply as for manifesting anything else in your life.  First and most importantly, you need to make very sure of what it is that you want/need,

This may not be as easy as it sounds, because you need to really focus on why you wish to manifest change where work is concerned in your life, and genuinely what you wish those changes to be.... so, for a little while think about how it would feel to have what you feel you need where work/career is concerned, whether it be new and more dynamic work, or promotion in the work that you already have.

Then on a new piece of paper, write down all the things you associate with having a better job, and how that would make you feel for example:-

More confidence

better pay

better working conditions

more respect

more personal power

In other words, you need to make a list of what the new work will mean to you and keep that list close at hand but out of sight!  And look at it from time to time to reaffirm the work that you need.

The more thought and energy that you can put into this little exercise, the more likely you are to bring the work that you need towards you, and if you do it with the right intention in a focused and deliberate way, you may be surprised at the speed that this will be successful for you!

Try never to approach your work in a tired or listless way, if this is how you feel then do something to actively change your mood, a few moments of deep breathing, standing outside on grass or under trees, or even taking a brief walk before you start your work will change your mood and make you more ready to work effectively and well. If this is simply not possible, then try to open the window for 20 minutes to allow new and positive chi to circulate your workspace, you will be amazed that the difference that even this small thing makes to how you feel.

If something disagreeable or someone disagreeable has been in your workspace, again open the window for 20 minutes to allow the negative chi to escape to be replaced with a positive chi.  And do not try and work again in that space for acts least five minutes to allow things to settle.

Bringing Feng Shui to your working life and following these few simple rules, will help you work more effectively and happily.