Fung shui Soulmate.

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 Find your soulmate.

 Finding your soulmate with feng shui is a matter of being in the right receptive state for your soulmate connection to come into your life, and allowing your natural wisdom to recognize it when it does!

 We connect with many people during our lives, many of them we feel must be soulmate connections, because they are just the sort of people that we have always wanted to have as a soulmate, or because we feel they may provide something that is missing in our lives.

This is not necessarily the reason why a true soulmate connection comes into our lives.

 Using feng shui principles we should allow this to happen naturally and not go looking for our soulmate!  When we are ready, the person who is destined for us will come into our life in a natural way. The energy will flow naturally between us and we will have an inner knowing that this is something very special!

 Allow each new connection to grow in a natural way, we should not be looking for things that perhaps are not there this will only bring disappointment and confusion. 

 Allow chi or energy to flow between yourself and the person who has just come into your life, do not confuse the issue by trying to be the person that that this person would like you to be!  Apart from causing confusion it is not possible to keep this up forever!  Be yourself, be open and honest, it will save time and get you where you need to be.

 In a new relationship or potential relationship feng shui calls for complete openness and honesty, allow the other to see exactly who you are, and without trying to make them into the person you would like them to be, look at them honestly too.

 Remember, soulmates are not always very alike.... sometimes they are complete opposites and complement each other.

 When you meet someone who you begin to suspect could be your soulmate, you will undoubtedly feel as if you know this person from the past. There is a sense of connection that is unexplainable, but you should remember that this does not by itself indicate a soulmate connection, this could simply be someone who has been important to you in a past and recent incarnation.

 To discover if you are true soulmates may take a lot longer, and whether you are or are not true soulmates there may be arguments and disputes between you as you get to know each other.  Being soulmates does not mean that you will agree about everything and are 100% compatible!  It simply means that there is a strong spiritual connection between you and has been so in the past.

 Feeling that you are soulmates can be difficult if either or both of you are in existing relationships, but this feeling that should never be used as a reason for breaking up relationships because you may be mistaken, and soulmates are not always destined to live together in a relationship, but may be together to support each other and mentor each other in a different way entirely.

 If you have found a true soulmate relationship in which you are able to be together long-term, then you will probably find it is the most supportive relationship that you will ever have in your life!

 A soulmate marriage is generally speaking open, honest and supportive, and the couple will allow each other the freedom to be themselves and will respect each other for the unique and genuine people that they are.

 Soulmates will tend to work together, each working at the things they do best, and giving time to support each other in things that perhaps are not quite so easy for them.  Everything is done to their mutual benefit, and there is no competition between them for attention. 

In a true soulmate relationship, both parties are as part of the whole, no matter how different they are apart, they blend together and their success comes from this trust and deep love.

 Using feng shui to find your soulmate will mean that you approach each prospective relationship with your eyes fully wide open, not expecting too much, nor trying to impose your values on the other person.  Only in this way can you recognize your true soulmate when they come into your life!