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Learning to properly relax is one of the most important tools that we have for living.

Applying the principles of feng shui to relaxation is easy!  Feng shui tells us that to thoroughly relax, our surroundings must be in balance and harmonious to relaxation, our eyes must see only that which is pleasant and soothing, our ears and sense of smell, must hear and sent only peaceful and harmonious sounds, and gentle uplift in perfumes, and we must feel as safe and supported whereverfung shui relax we are. 

Firstly a little more about our surroundings.

Trying to be relaxed in a busy place with lots going on, lots of noise and people coming backwards and forwards is very difficult, unless you have got into the habit of relaxation and can program yourself to relax very quickly, while this is entirely possible for those who are willing to practise relaxation regularly, it is not so easy for people who are new to relaxation techniques.

Therefore to relax you must find a space that is not too busy, in which you know that no one is going to disturb you, and which is pleasant to the eye and to the ear.

The benefit of having a special place to go to for this is that eventually, every time you simply walk into that space, your body will have been programmed to begin your relaxation techniques automatically, and you will hardly have to do anything at all, it will begin to happen easily and naturally.  You will feel your shoulders begin to drop and your breathing will become more regular and gentle, and relaxing will be a very easy thing to do at that point.

If you can create a special place where you can relax in your home, then this is the ideal thing to do, you will find that 10 minutes relaxation in your ‘special place’ is worth hours sleeping in bed!  And you will walk away from it feeling relaxed, balanced and refreshed!

All our senses respond to stimulus, and in the same way when we are trying to relax, what is around us will have a profound effect on us.

In feng shui , the colour that is most conducive to relaxation is a medium natural green, the colour of light foliage, but all the pastal colours are helpful to relaxation except perhaps those in the red spectrum which should be avoided

Because no matter how relaxed or how deep the meditation we happen to be in we can still be aware of sound, The sound of gentle music or the sounds of nature such as the sea, a babbling stream, quiet birdsong in woods can all be helpful, as can the sound of a harmonious wind chime in the breeze.  All these sounds are soothing to our subconscious and allow us to relax on a deeper level.

Our sense of smell also can play a part in helping us to relax, lavender, geranium and other gentle flower essential oils can have a beneficial effect in many ways, not least to help us relax and forget our problems for the moment.

Ideally the space that you wish to deeply relaxed in should be light and airy and yet  private and away from the noise of everyday life.  Your relaxation space does not need to be indoors necessarily, gardens are lovely places to relax in, as are wooded places and places near water such as the sea or streams.

Sometimes when we visit a certain place, we will begin to automatically begin to relax and feel the cares of the day dropping from us.  These are special ‘power’ places which have natural feng shui, where we can ‘ plug-in’ so to speak to the natural energies of the Earth to increase our energy levels with cleansing and natural earth energies.

Spotting these places is very simple, your body will do it for you naturally, you will suddenly walk into a space in which you feel very relaxed and very happy, this is a natural power spot and one of which you should take full advantage!

Make use of all the gifts we have around us to help us bring deep relaxation into our lives and use the principles of feng shui to refresh and renew your day!