Fung shui Money.



To use feng shui to bring money and acquisitions into your life, you need firstly to be very clear about what it is you want to manifest.

It is a universal law that if you are clear about what you want, you stand a much better chance of actually being able to bring it into your life, than if you are muddleheaded about it. You need to be specific about your needs before it can manifest for you

First of all think about the amount of money or wealth that you need, and noticed that I say ‘need’ rather than want!  It is also a universal law that you are more likely to create wealth if you are realistic about what you need and the reasons that you need it. Once you have started the money flowing then it will continue almost naturally for you... getting going is the difficult part!

A good way to do this is to make a list of what you need in your life that will take money to supply, you can alter this list from time to time and as things manifest for you, which they will if you do this with the right intention and putting a lot of energy into doing so. You can alter your list and add things from time to time which are not presently needed.

Feng shui works together with the laws of manifestation, which tell us that everything is made of energy, and so if we put out positive requests for wealth into the universe, and are clear about what we want, our own energy will draw it to us if we can do so in a very positive and enthusiastic way.

The first step to this is to actually identify what it is you want!

There are many little ways also of achieving this, let's suppose for a moment that you long for a really nice car, buying a small toy version of that car and keep it where you can see it in your home, will keep affirming that ‘this is what you want!’

If you want a really nice house, then keeping a picture where you can see it of a similar house to that which you would like will help.  Keeping the idea firmly in your mind of exactly what it is you want will help you draw it into your life.

Keep your jewellery somewhere on your dressing table where you can see it clearly, and keep your best and most expensive pieces in full view.... even if they are not terribly expensive they will draw more expensive jewellery to them!

Many people leave their small change lying in a bowl or a dish somewhere in their house, this is a good idea, the money should always be added to the bowl whenever you think of it and the more little bowls of loose change that you leave lying about the better as money draws money to itself.

If you keep plants in your house, then small fruit trees are ideal for drawing wealth to you, particularly flowering orange or lemon trees, keep them well watered and healthy, the more you look after them the more they will draw wealth into your life.

There are certain colours that will draw prosperity to you.

The colours for prosperity are purple green and red, these colours radiate the energy that also in its turn brings prosperity, so even in a muted way have these colours in your home.

If you can get hold of a Chinese money toad, which is a three legged  ornament of a frog or a toad with a Chinese coin in its mouth this will help bring money to your home.  As will a small bowl of a mixture of foreign coins, not the sort that you can spend immediately, left somewhere prominently in your home.

Also remember that if there is a great deal of clutter in your home it prevents money coming in and stops your cash flow, do not have old unwanted or broken things in your home, broken things draw the wrong sort of energy and will not help your income at all.

Do you respect to the money that you have?  If you stuff it into a pocket or a purse without paying it any attention then you're not respecting it, keep your money neat and tidy also, fold any paper money neatly and keep it all sorted, clean out any clutter in the bottom of your handbag or pockets and those odd coins that you find there, put them in your loose change bowls to bring more money!

Finally, be generous with the money that you have!  Being mean with what you have will not encourage more wealth to come to you!  You give freely and what you gave will come back to you tenfold!