Fung shui Love.

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 Love and sex.

 You may find it strange that you can apply feng shui to love and sex in your life, but feng shui principles can be applied to anything and everything in our lives in an easy and simple way.

 Where love is concerned, what we wish from life is to be loved and respected for the person that we are, and to be safe and empowered in that love.

 Where sex is concerned safety is paramount and we need to place a great deal of trust in the person we are involved with. To bring both these things into our lives can be the most wonderful thing!

 Using feng shui to help you find love is a matter of not confusing yourself with things that are superficial and of no account.

When we meet someone new and we become interested in them, then a strange thing happens!  As we inter-react with each other our auras combine and we probe each other on a much deeper level to see if we are compatible and if thereLOVE HEARTS

 is chance of us being able to find love with each other.

 Using feng shui in this situation, means firstly being honest about how you perceive the other person to be, and not necessarily taking too much notice of the colour of their eyes... colour of their hair and how handsome/beautiful they are, but allowing yourself to see past the physical so that you are aware of the true person underneath. If you are meant to be together in a loving way, then you will very quickly realised this and you will feel the spiritual and emotional bond between you.

 This calls for honesty, and the ability not to persuade ourselves that something is so just because we wish it to be so! Finding love using feng shui means allowing your natural wisdom to council you and being honest with yourself. 

 Sometimes when we meet someone for the first time, we feel as if we have already met them before, and almost as if we have known them for a long time.  This is often because we have connected in more than one lifetime, but unless you allow your natural wisdom and honesty to guide you in this, you may not realise the importance of it.

 When you have found love, then treat it as you would any other precious and valuable thing in your life, with respect, with honesty and with gratitude!  These are the principles of feng shui and will support your love if you will allow them to.

 Just as feng shui suggests that we un-clutter our lives, and create open and at airy supportive spaces, using feng shui principles in a loving relationship is very much the same.

Don't cloud the relationship by insisting on talking about irrelevant things from the past, either of your pasts.  Recognize that the relationship starts at the point that you met and be willing to accept it as that.  We all have things that we wish had not happened in our lives, but having to rationalise them to another, or explain them to someone you love is not always beneficial.  Recognize that new love demands new experiences, and the past should be left firmly where it belongs, in the past!

 Try not to impose your will on the one that you love. Recognize that love should flow freely and naturally between the two of you and each should show respect and honour to the other at all times.

 Try to avoid jealousy, no one can give their attention to another one hundred percent of the time! Allow the ‘winds of heaven’ to blow between you from time to time, then your times together will be far more precious and close.

 Remember that sex  too is a precious gift, treat it also with respect for its own sake.  It should be invigorating and empowering... if it is not then it is best left alone! It is never a means to an end, but is a beautiful experience in itself.

 Finding true love in today's world can be difficult, and like many things we are more likely to find it when we are not looking for it!

Making it an issue will effectively close off the likelihood of it coming to you, so don't look for love.... allow love to look for you!  And when you find it treat it with respect, honour and delight!