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Feng shui is one of the easiest disciplines that we can use to promote good health for ourselves.

We can get into a routine of using it without even really having to think about it about it if we understand what Fung Shui actually means, If we look at the basic meaning of feng shui it is to allow good energy or ‘chi’ to flow in and around our bodies and lives without obstruction.

From first thing in the morning, before you even get out of bed, trying to practise a few basic simple rules of fung shui to help make the day easier, and to help you to keep healthy!  When you first wake up take a few seconds to relax and connect fully with this new day! Then stretch and feel the new days energy circulating your body, say to yourself in a very positive way “ this new day

 brings benefits, new energy and new opportunities to me!”

Even if you know that it's going to be a difficult day, if you start your day in a positive and gentle way, you will react differently to situations that occur during the day, you will get through those difficulties far easier, and things that are disagreeable will have less of a lasting effect on you.

And when you do finally get out of bed, don't just rush downstairs, drink coffee, eat hastily and then rush off to work, allow yourself a little time even if it means getting up 10 minutes earlier to move slowly and gracefully into the new day.

Start your day with some ‘Pranic breathing’

Set stand in a relaxed and comfortable way, take a deep breath and hold it to account of three.  Then gradually let the breath out and imagine that you are letting out with it anything negative that may hamper you during the day.

Do this three times

then sit/stand for a few moments and feel how refreshed and calm this will make you feel! This is something you can do at stressful times of the day, or when you have been rushing about and need to take a little time out to rebalance your energies, after all feng shui is all about balance in all that we do, and the places that we live and work in, and approaching your day with balance and enthusiasm.

Except the new day's energy into your life,

Whatever you decide to eat in the morning, eat deliberately and with respect for the food that you are eating, never rush your food and never eat anything that you don't feel at that time would be good for you.

Consider what you eat through out the day!

Rushing your food is as bad for you as eating inappropriate food!  Give some serious thought to what your body needs, consider your body and almost ask it what it needs you to eat right now?  And when you do it, do so giving full attention to the food that you are eating at that time. 

Make it in a deliberate activity apart from what else you do, in other words don't do anything else whilst you are eating except to focus on the food that you are taking in! Allow your body to concentrate on what it is doing without giving it two or three things to do at the same time.

Try see the food that you eat as not just food but as energy that you're taking into your body, to create more positive Chi or energy, so respect of the food and eat it in a respectful way.

When you are dealing with other people during the day, respect their space and boundaries, this allows them to maintain a healthy balance also and if you allow them to do this, they will acknowledge this to you on a deep level and allow you your own space also!

Avoid conflict if you possibly can, and if you cannot, always remember that however irritating the other person is they must be treated with respect, if you can take the heat out of a difficult situation it is better for both of you. Creating chaotic energy in your own or anyone else's life is not good for your health, and there are always ways to get round this that or more positive for you personally.

feng shui will help keep you healthy, if you allow the energy to flow uninterrupted through and around your body, respect your body and give it the space and time to work properly.