Fung shui Happiness.

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 Using feng shui to bring happiness into your life is very simple!

 To bake a successful cake we need to have all the ingredients ready, the space and time to create the cake, and the willingness and skill to do so.

 To bring happiness into your life is very similar.  We need to be open to happiness, we need to know what it is that will make us happy, and we need to be willing to be content.

 People are often mistaken in what they perceive happiness to be.

 Sometimes it's seen as the ability to be successful, but success and happiness are not necessarily compatible.

 Happiness has been described as, optimism, hope, and positive feelings about the future in a personal way.  It seems that to feel happiness we also as humans need to have meaning in our lives, but that meaning is not always associated with success except on a very personal and spiritual level.

 Working on feng shui principles, we need firstly to know ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses, the things that we are good at and the things that we would be best to leave alone.

 Happiness is about getting back to basics, and giving some thought to where we see ourselves in the scale of things.  Once we have done this and we have some sort of idea of what we want from life, than the rest is fairly easy.

 What is very helpful to this process is to make sure that we do not bring conflicting energy into our lives, for example:-

 We try as much as possible to make our living space clear and airy, uncluttered and harmonious.

This personal space should be somewhere where we feel safe and private at times, and also should feel as if it is somewhere that we can retreat to when we need time and space to simply be ourselves.

 Surrounding ourselves with things that empower us is also important, crystals are very good for this, and even having one large clear quartz crystal somewhere in our living space will help.

 Happiness is also about our expectations, and perhaps we should give some thought to if they are truly our own expectations or if they have been superimposed on us by our background, our parents, our ethnic principles?  Are they really our expectations, or simply something that we have grown up with and have taken for granted?

 Happiness comes from knowing yourself and being content with the person that you are.  Once you achieve this realisation, then happiness will follow because you will then know what you need to make you happy, and once this is known, you will then begin automatically to manifest personal happiness in your life.

 Absolute happiness is not something we can sustain 24/7! The best that we can ever expect is to be generally happy, serene and content in our lives, experiencing moments of intense happiness every now and then. 

 Achieving this I believe is the best we can do as rather imperfect human beings!  But if we can bring something approaching this into our lives, to the way that we live and to the people that we connect with, then I believe we have achieved something really important, because happiness breeds happiness!

 If we are happy in our lives, this will affect the people around us, and simply by being the way we are will affect the lives of others in a very positive and empowering way.  It is true that happiness is a very positive emotion and very contagious if we allow it to be so!

 Happiness does not come from expecting too much.  Even our expectations will block the ability to be truly happy!

 Simply leave yourself open to happiness, and create that the ability for it to be in your life by making your surroundings harmonious, allow positive energy to surround you and happiness will come in its wake.