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 Using Feng Shui within the family consists to a great extent in offering Respect to all the other members of your family.

 Photographs of all the family members and those who are important to your family in wooden frames placed about the house will bring very positive family chi into your home.  Plants in many of the rooms will allow that chi to circulate and change the energy in a very positive and dynamic way.

 Plants with dark shiny green leaves are good as are small fruit plants such as lemon trees or orange trees, and even a small potted tree in a hall way or entrance is excellent! and if you are happy to have fresh flowers in your home, this is an really good way of making the home positive and your family happy and well, but be sure that you change the water regularly in any plants, and any dead or dying flowers should be put out immediately.

 Mirrors in your home are also good, and although with feng shui there are certain places that things such as mirrors work better than others, generally speaking if you place a mirror in a porch looking outwards onto a beautiful view, then it will bring the view into your house which will bring beautiful positive energy with it! Mirrors in a home considered to be like water which is very positive, so a small fountain in the living room will have a very positive effect.

 Natural wood in your home is also very positive and good feng shui, any artwork that is done by a family member is also good as it confirms that this is the home of that person and will have a good energy connected to it.

 The key to good feng shui in your home in a few words is to keep your home uncluttered, easy to move through, airy and light, and with colours that are harmonious and balanced.

 Natural colours particularly shades of green are particularly good feng shui in the home and will help to create a very balanced environment, but the key as ever with a good feng shui is balance & respect.

 Bringing the family altogether at certain times of the day will create a strong family bond and will allow all the energies of the family to merge and support each other, so in a good feng shui household there will be times for the family to interreact and to be together in a supportive and fun way.  Creating family time together is vitally important! 

 Another important time in your family day is the time that you can eat together, and in these modern times this may only happen perhaps once a day either in the morning for breakfast or in the evening for dinner.

 Make sure that this is special and important time, make sure that all the family sit together either around a table, or roughly in a circle in one specific room. 

 Do not have the radio or music or the television on during this ‘food time’, talk and entertainment should be provided by those who have come together to eat, and if you take out all other distractions such as television, everyone is forced to interreact with those around them whilst they are eating and sharing food which is an excellent way of drawing positive energy into your family circle!

 Always try to make sure that there is fresh fruit available after food, and fresh cold water to drink served with the food.  Even if this is not taken advantage of you are creating positive energy on your table or within your eating circle that will add to the positive energy generally.

 Try to have at least one meal in the day where everyone is present, and try to discourage members of the family going off on their own at that time and eating privately or in their own room whilst watching television or listening to music.... even one meal together will create an enormous balance of positive chi within the home!

 Encourage that all family members are respectful to each other, and also try to ensure that everyone has their own space where they can retreat from everyone else at least for a little time in the day.  Although our energies when in a close family group tend to blend with each other, there are times when we need to withdraw and anyone who needs to do this should be encouraged to do so when necessary, particularly teenagers who have somewhat chaotic energy at certain times in their lives.

 For the younger members of the family, placing rough rose quartz crystals in their bedrooms will create good chi and  go a long way towards helping to balance their energies and prevent disagreements.

 If there are pets in the household they should also be treated with respect and considered as members of the family and not merely there for the families amusement... pets have their own distinct chi, and if they are happy they will add a beautiful energy to your home.

 Follow the principles of feng shui in your home and live in a happy and healing environment!