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 Energy and balance.

 Many of us find ourselves out of balance at certain times of our lives.  This can be because of change that has been unexpected, loss, disappointment or something else that has disturbed the natural flow of our lives can cause an imbalance in our chi and needs to be addressed.

 Sometimes it is difficult to return to a harmonious balance immediately but if we work at it and work out what exactly it is that is disturbing us, we can cure the situation and once again bring positive chi into our lives.

 There are many tools that we can use to do this, at its simplest we can simply create a routine for ourselves of relaxation, good food, making sure that we get plenty of time outside as well as in, spending some time in nature or near a large body of water like the sea or a lake, and work through meditation and positive thinking to put the past behind us, and once again find that level place in our lives that we can use to move gracefully into the future.

 At this time we should pay particular attention to our home, and the areas that we spend most of our time in, and make sure that they are un-cluttered and pleasant.Balance

 People often think that de cluttering means letting that of almost anything and living in a minimalist way, but this is not necessarily so.  A house can be full of all sorts of things and yet be so well organised that it is still light and airy, so that the chi or energy can flow easily from one door to another.

 Adding fresh flowers to the home and healthy plants can insure very positive energy surrounding us, but you must always be sure that the plants are happy and healthy, and that once the flowers are beginning to die they should be immediately put out. 

 Our homes are one of the most important tools we have for re-energising and rebalancing our lives

 There are many other tools that we can use to re-energise and balance ourselves.

 Crystals can be placed about the home that will empower us and release negative energy.  Perhaps the most useful of these are:-Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Selenite or Kyanite

 Wearing certain crystals will also help our energy levels, and even the colours that we wear can have a very positive and beneficial effect.

 Wearing loud and bold colours at a time when we are feeling off-balance may have a less than positive effect.

Wearing harmonious and toning colours can help empower us and can have a very healing effect.

Without doubt one of the most healing colours to wear when in a less than positive mood is green, or many shades of green blended together with gold.

 Knowledge about crystals is easily obtained these days and there are many good books that will help you find the crystals that are ideal for you at any particular time in your life.

 Going to a Crystal Healer will also help, as she will intuitively know which crystals you need at any given time, and will advise you how to place them in your home to focus positive energy.

 Reiki healing is an excellent way of balancing your energy levels, going for a Reiki session will open your life to positive energies at a time when you're feeling negative or fractured in some way.

 If your state of mind is the result of illness then Reiki is one of the best ways of putting your foot firmly on the path to recovery!

 On the face of it, all these different modalities seem to have nothing to do with feng shui, but actually they are all part of what makes up the whole. 

 Feng shui can be said to be a series of things that we can do and be aware of to help us in our lives, to empower us and to bring balance to our lives and of course to heal loss.

 Follow the simple and basic rules of feng shui and you will soon feel the benefits!