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 De clutter your life.

 One of the main objectives of feng shui is to create space in your life for positive chi or energy to surround and empower you.

 Having a cluttered life will make this difficult, having a cluttered home will make it virtually impossible!

 So what exactly is clutter?

 I would define clutter as anything that is neither beautiful nor useful, and is usually there in your life because either you have got used to it being there and don't see it any more, or you recognize it as clutter and have difficulty in letting it go.

 To deal with clutter within yourself and in your life, then the best way to do this is to make a list of all the situations that are in your life at this moment, both things and possibly people, and cross off all the situations and people who are:-

 1.  Not supporting you

2.  Taking up valuable energy that can be used elsewhere

3.  Stopping you getting on with what you would like to get on with in your life

 Then you have to get a little bit ruthless and begin to let these things and possibly people go.

 Once you start this process it becomes quite easy, but you have to keep the momentum going and continue until you get to the end of your ‘negative list’ of people and things.De-clutter

 Where your home is concerned it is perhaps a little easier. These days there are so many places where we can take stuff that we no longer need, and have a clear conscience that we are not wasting it, but simply recycling it. 

 Often something that is absolutely no use to us at all is just the thing that someone else has been looking for! 

So take in anything that is no longer either useful or to your mind beautiful to a recycling depot or charity shop as an easy way of getting rid of your clutter.

 We tend to keep things because we believe they will come in useful in the future.  90% of the time they do not and they simply hang around taking up space and energy.

De-cluttering does not mean getting rid of most of your things or being minimalistic, this too has its virtues but does not suit everyone.

Sticking strictly to the rule of only keeping things that are either currently useful, or things that are beautiful and please you in some way may leave you still with plenty ornaments, books, pictures and other things that make your life pleasant and happy.

 It's all a question of degree.... getting rid of the things that you simply do not need allows the space for energy or chi to flow, and for perhaps in time more interesting things to take their place.

 It will refresh your home, it will refresh and empower your life, and once you get used to the idea it will become normal for you to do this from time to time, both in your personal life and in your surroundings.

 Once you have made a decision about ‘stuff’ in your home that you need to get rid of, then it's a good tip to get rid of it as soon if you can, otherwise you may leave it lying in a bag for long enough before you actually get round to taking it to the charity shop or to the recycle depot, where it is still taking valuable space and energy, and may end up back in the place it started if you're feeling in that sort of mood!

 Make the rule ‘ bag it and bin it’ or otherwise dispose of it and do this as quickly as possible!

 Be aware that hanging on to things that we do not need says a great deal about the person that we are, it shows sometimes that we are insecure about who we are and what we need in our lives.  By physically de-cluttering both our lives and our living space, we are taking the first steps towards being our own person and not having to rely on outmoded energy from other people, or from other things!

 Make your keywords:- de clutter. empower and live!