Auras Crystals and Colour.

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  Colour and Crystals, where do they come from?

Crystals are pure solarised sunlight, which takes millions of years to form, each has its own vibrational level, andCrystal ball each has its own healing power.

Man has used crystals over the centuries to attract the solar rays, to beautify and latterly in modern communication systems, the Ancient Atlantean used crystals to record information, much as we use tapes and CD’s and to power their machinery and weapons of war, again much as we do laser beams, but that knowledge has been lost to us for the moment.

Colours come form the same source as crystals, the sunlight, so it is appropriate that we use them together to heal and empower us, as one compliments the other.

All the colours that we see and know actually come from one colour, WHITE. The colours that we see are all the separate parts of white light as in the rainbow, that is why light seen through a prism or drop of rain or water is broken up into its separate colours, and if you think about that it makes sense that we as humans need to experience all the colours that we are aware of, and use them in our daily life.


   Our Auras show in the same colour range, and they depend on how we are physically, mentally and spiritually feelingcolours

 at any moment, our Auric colours can change from hour to hour! Like any other part of us, our aura needs to be cleansed to keep it health. Crystal offers Aura cleansing and readings, for health and well-being, and will "draw" your Aura in coloured chalks for you as a guide to how you Aura looks.

Aura cleansing should always be done with Chakra balancing, as the two work together, the Chakra being our bodies "light energy system". Chakra balancing is easily done using visualization. Crystal finishes Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing with an Aura sweep in the Shamanic way by using feathers.

The Chakra system also relates to colours and by cleansing and balancing them together by "colour breathing" and using our crystals of choice, we have a powerful tool to help keep us health.

Rose quartz

Crystals for the most part lie dormant till we activate them, after purchase they should be cleansed by whichever method you prefer, (we prefer sound as it is quick and very effective)

A crystal is an elemental consciousness, to awaken it we need to bond with it and program it to serve us, we do this after cleansing it by holding it in the hand and sending it love and energy, then hold it over the heart centre and feel it becoming alive. It is unwise to allow anyone else to touch yourclear quartz


When we decide on the crystals that we wish to work with, we can enhance the value that they bring to us by wearing the appropriate colour to compliment the crystals, so giving ourselves the benefit of both!

Although certain crystals have definite healing properties, crystals should always be chosen intuitively rather than simply for their recognised properties.

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