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However we see or imagine Angels, they are beings of light.

AngelWhen they take human form it is purely to reassure us and to appear in a form that we find pleasant and historic, It is thought that they do indeed have wings, but they are of light rather than feathers, but again if we visualise them as having feather wings, this is how they will appear thus, and will even materialise real feathers in places for us to find as a proof of their existence or as the answer to a question that we may have asked them.

There are many instances of Angels appearing to people as humans in times of anxiety or fear.

THE difference between Angels and Spirit Guides is;- Angels have never lived in humanAngel wings form, they exist only as Angels and are part of the celestial realm, a breed apart so to speak, they are closely linked to THE CREATOR and act as an intermediate between us and him/her, depending on what your beliefs are.

Spirit Guides have at some time been in human form, and have either taken the responsibility of being your lifetime guide at your birth, or are intermediate guides who are likely to come and go in your life.

Most of your Spirit Guides are part of your close knit spirit family.

Both our Angels and Spirit Guides are present with us all the time, if we would only take time to be aware of them.


Hearing the voices

All of us hear from our Guides & Angels from time to time, some of us more than others! But learning to listen takes time and patience. Once we learn to contact them we can have access to them and the information that they bring us whenever we wish.

In the past, people who were natural mediums were often diagnosed as “Schizophrenic" and subjected to horrific medical practices.

Because some of these people were unable to distinguish between the voices that they were hearing, and were in fact receiving on a very broad band so to speak, they often became confused and disturbed.

The problem has often been that they are highly psychic people (without knowing it!) Also if there has been trauma in their lives, they may be tuning in to entities that are other than Spirit Guides or Angels.

 I believe that in years to come some, at least, of the people who are diagnosed as schizophrenic will be treated in a very different way, with the help of Psychic Therapists.


Cleansing Your Home.


Specialist guides


Although we do have our own set of personal guides we can call in the help of many others in difficult situations.

For example, supposing you were taking exams, you could call for an intellectual guide to help you.  If you were undertaking a DIY project, you could ask for a handy guide to assist you with ideas.  Sometimes your own guide will bring in another guide to help connected to whatever it is that you are doing.

Healing guides

You can request a healing guide to be sent to someone who is ill, and this guide will stay with them as companion!  You can ask through a child guide to add extra help to a child who is ill all this help is available to us!

We need only ask in faith.


Manifesting Angel Wings


This is a lovely meditation for when we are feeling negative or unloved!

We are going to manifest our own Angel wings now, and although we realise that we don't actually have wings, what we are in fact doing, is aligning ourselves with the angels, and creating a beautiful winged aura of light around ourselves!  And at the same time giving ourselves the conditions to feel safe and beloved. 

Begin as usual with a few deep breaths. After fully relaxing, begin to feel soft feather wings growing out of the centre of your back, growing gradually larger and softer with beautiful soft white feathers, begin to gently flex your wings and feel them move as they grow!  Allow this process to happen slowly gradually and lovingly, allowing your wings to grow so that they stand almost as high is you are, and when you stretch them out to the side, they stretch to three feet or more to either side of you. 

Gently flex and move them slowly up and down, be aware of the soft currents of air that you are creating with your Angel wings, and feel the coolness on your face.  Feel the joy of being a Being of Light!  Now gently close your wings again, and curve them round your body. Feel them curving around and  tuck your head in under one of your wings, and feel the soft white feathers stroking your face.  Feel surrounded by soft white energy feathers of Light, and feel totally safe and totally loved.

Now, when you are ready, gently close your wings again and fold they so that they the curve softly to your back and out of sight.....  But ready for whenever you need them again!

Now when you feel threatened, draw your Angel wings around you to protect you from harm, and when you feel in a negative place, slowly move your glorious wings up and protect yourself from harm

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