Empress Ciro MarchettiThe Magic of Tarot

A Short tutorial

by Crystal Green.


Learning to read the Tarot can be very simple...but because many of the books on the subject are so

complicated I decided to produce this very ‘down to earth’ little guide to get you started dear reader!

Tarot Ciro MarchettiIn fact this information is probably all you will ever need, as reading the Tarot should be intuitive, and with a basic understanding of symbology and numerology you should be able to begin at once...and develop your own method from then on.

Tarot is becoming more and more popular!Tarot Spread

More people are using it as a daily tool and are beginning to learn the deeper mysteries of the tarot. In this information that I have produced for you here at Silvermoon, I will gently introduce you to some of the aspects of tarot that perhaps you have not considered before, and through the following words and hints I hope that, like me you will discover the joy and magic of this wonderful life aid!

The packs used to illustrate this are listed at the end. They are all my favourite packs that I use all the time at my home in Buckie when reading for my many clients.

The BeginningsTarot

Psychic and video readings Crystal GreenNo one really knows where Tarot originally came from, some say from the magicians of

ancient Egypt, others say that it was begun in India, but my belief is that like all universal truths, the Tarot has always been there in our hearts and in our minds, and it is not so much a question of when it was started or invented, more a question of various people at various times putting together these wonderful symbols and pictures, and coming up with the same conclusions.

Tarot can be anything that you wish it to be, there are no hard and fast rules, no definite

meanings, the meanings of certain cards and certain castings should arrive in your mind almost out of nowhere! The cards are meant to stimulate a deeper knowledge within us and this is exactly what they do if you will allow them to.


The symbols

Everyone knows of the death card! And most people have experienced the hanged man! The fool Ciro MarchettiBoth of these cards are given a very negative connotation, when in fact they are simply symbols like any other that have diverse meanings.

Many of the meanings we associate with these cards come from films or books that have influenced us in a very negative way, it is very easy to say that the death card

symbolises death, but the death of what? And what sort of death exactly?

The death card can symbolise a beginning, and an end... a new beginning, it can Ace of Pentacles

symbolise change… sometimes radical, it can symbolise a very positive change and also self knowledge and awareness, it is a ‘rebirth’ card!.

And the hanged man? People reading the tarot don't always realise that he is hanging there because he wishes to do so, not because he has to. There is always a feeling of self-sacrifice

Three of Cupscontained within this card and again, there are many layers of meanings.

At its most basic this card can predict a time of waiting, and something that you are expecting to happen perhaps taking longer than you had hoped.

Every card has many layers of meanings. In fact I believe that reading the Tarot is like

peeling an onion! The more we study its meanings, the more layers we will discover…Ace of swords Ciro Marchetti

Learning and reading the tarot is a wonderful journey and experience, and one that we should undertake with an open heart and an open mind.

It is said that the tarot contains all of the Universal Symbols that we need to be successful in life, and by success I do not mean just in any financial or acquisitive way, but simply to be just that ‘successful’ at life!

We really have no idea where much of this symbology comes from but it is universal, part of the ‘all that there is’.

In olden days the Tarot has been referred to as ‘ the Devil's picture book’ and indeed still is in some more primitive civilisations. I would prefer to call it ‘A book of life’ which it undoubtedly is.



Crystal in consultationThere are two ways to read the Tarot, one is Clairvoyantly, and the other is by simply learning the face value of each card and relating it to the person who is enquiring (the Querent) A person who reads the cards in this way (and not clairvoyantly) is traditionally called a ‘Cartomancer’

So it is not necessary to have clairvoyant gifts to do a tarot reading, it is

possible to simply learn the face value of the cards and an excellent reading will be possible simply from this, but strangely enough learning to do this will often stimulate clairvoyant abilities and knowledge that perhaps we did not realise we even had!

And in time, the reading will become more in-depth as we connect on a much deeper level to the mysteries of the Sacred Tarot.

Before you even think about learning the tarot you need to ‘attune’ to your pack, and this is the best way to do so.

When you first get the pack divide the cards into the Major and Minor Arcana, lay aside the

Minor Arcana as you will deal with these later. Now give the Major Arcana a good shuffle… then lay out the cards on the table face up, and pick up whichever card attracts you…. NowAce of Cups. Ciro Marchetti place that card in a very prominent position somewhere in your room, and every time you pass it and have time to… really look into it, take a note book or a piece of paper and make notes about how that card appears to you and makes you feel…. and what you can see in it. After a day, review the

information that you have and move on to another card…

Do this over the next 22 days with all the Major Arcana, and keep those notes as they are your first

impressions of the Major Arcana of the Sacred Tarot and will be useful to you in the future!

Next thing is to compare your notes with the traditional meaning of each card, ( which you will find in the book with your pack or on the web) on your notepad you can also make notes to add to the two meanings together, the

traditional meaning, and the meaning and that you intuitively drew through the cards during your attunements to each card… this will form the basis of your learning process.


The Major Arcana are the main cards of the tarot. The Minor Arcana are actually similar representations of these 22 cards but to a lesser degree, so once you have the Major Arcana in your mind, it is very easy then to move on to the whole pack.

Purchasing your tarot pack.

Tarot CardsWhatever you do, do not purchase a Tarot pack without seeing all of the cards.

Many shops have only sealed packs, and unless the pack has a book with it that shows you the pictures on the cards, do not even consider buying it.

Many people buy packs of Tarot and simply do not connect with the cards, or the tarot pack itself is far too difficult for someone simply beginning to connect to Tarot.

An example of this is the ‘Alistair Crowley’ pack. Although a beautiful and ornate pack, there is no

consistency within it as regards rods, cups, swords and pentacles as each card almost seems to show a

different representation of these things…. To an experienced reader this is easy to get to grips with, but to a beginner it can be a disaster and totally confusing!

The best packs to begin with have a picture representing the meaning of the card for every card, some packs simply show the Major Arcana and the Court Cards, and the rest of the pack just show the number represented by the suit itself. (For example six of cups wouldCrystal in the Jasmin Room show simply 6 cups and nothing else)

Far better to begin with, to buy a pack that represents all the elements on every card, for

example; The Rider Waite pack, the Golden Rider pack, the New Palladini pack, the Aquarian pack, the Morgan Greer pack and more recently the fabulous Ciro Marchetti packs which are my own favourites and so on.

People sometimes say that you should never buy your own tarot pack, that it should be bought for you as a gift… but in my experience people never buy the pack that you really like or identify with, so best to take no notice of this, as there is absolutely no reason for it, take it from me it is perfectly okay to buy your own Tarot pack!


Here's a few hints...

 Tarot with Runes If you are unable to see all of the pack in a shop, go on to one of the many websites that give you information about tarot, and they will often show you many cards from each pack..

Certainly enough to know whether you are drawn to that pack or not…. remember your first tarot pack will be very important to you, it will be one that you will probably return to over and over again, even if you buy other packs throughout your life.

Make buying the pack part of your whole experience of beginning with tarot, this pack should become your friend and companion, your adviser and your seer!Ace of Pentacles

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to buy your first pack! It will probably be a pack that you will become very attached to in the future..

Take your time and make sure that the symbols and pictures on it resonate with you at some level.

Also be aware of the size of the pack.

Some Tarot pack are very large, and look very impressive on the reading table,

but if you have small hands they can be very difficult to deal with, especially if like me you

like to give the whole pack a good shuffle!

Take all this into consideration when shopping for your first Tarot Pack.


The Four Suits of the Sacred Tarot

Cups loosely we can describe the cups as representing

emotions, and all things connected to the heart centre.

Emotional connections and commitments are also indicated by this suit, as connections to the past and the future.

The suit of cups is for the most part a benign suit, and those cards that are inclined to be of a negative disposition are

usually capable of being overcome or changed in some way. These cards are also very prevalent when we are about to or have learned a very important life lesson and need to move on.


Ace of RodsRods/Wands for the most part this suit represents work, whether it be what you do for a living, or what you consider your ‘life's work’ to be. They often indicate movement in this way, and can often

indicate changes connected to our home, where we live, the sort of place we are in whether temporarily or

permanent, and information about our ‘spiritual home’. They also suggest the things that you can acquire on your life path, and your level of accomplishment.

Five of SwordsSwords are perhaps the most difficult of the four suits, they indicate ‘thought’ rather than emotions,

intellect rather than intuition, although they can also indicate a person who is highly intuitive and psychic to some degree. A predominance of swords in a reading always signals challenges! And should be read with great care and optimism, as often there are solutions and new pathways implicit in the reading that it would be easy to miss for an inexperienced reader.


Pentacles for the most part indicate wealth, goods, and the ability toTen of Pentacles create this in your life. When

people are represented by pentacles they are usually grounded and have many of the attributes of the ‘earth signs’ of the Zodiac. Pentacles often indicate balance and structure in your life or the ability to draw this into your life in the future. Wealthy people appear to draw pentacles in a reading for obvious reasons.

So these are at the four suits of the sacred tarot and their most basic meanings. These suits can also in some readings indicate areas of the body (the chakra’s) or seasons of the year. For this reason I have coloured them in their most relevant colours so that you may see the connection.



ALL COURT CARDS CAN REPRESENT EITHER A PERSON OR A SITUATION which makes them the most difficult area of the Tarot to effectively deal with, I find it best to read the Court Cards intuitively, this area will be dealt with intensively in TAROT ADVANCED.


King of Cups as a person;- imaginative—emotional—charismatic.

As a situation;- cultural and spiritual experiences.

Queen of Cups as a person;- feminine—artistic—spiritual.

As a situation;- can mean fantasy of some kind, and in a positive way.

Knight of Cups as a person;- young—loving creative person (sometime a lover)

As a situation the search for the Grail.

Page of Cups as a person;-increasing intuition and awareness in a young person.

As a situation;- awareness & emotion.

SWORDSAce of swords Ciro Marchetti

King of Swords as a person;- logical—clever—very quick-witted.

As a situation;- can mean clear and logical advice.

Queen of Swords as a person;- cool—charming—intelligent—(often a witch)

As a situation;-a battle of wits.

Knight of Swords as a person;-young—quick thinking—new ideas—whirlwind.

As a situation;-speed and change.

Page of words as a person;- the young awakening mind.

As a situation;-news—contracts—gossip.

Ace of PentaclesPENTACLES

King of Pentacles as a person;- sensual sound and secure.

As a situation;- gradual material improvement.

Queen of Pentacles as a person;- supportive—practical—kind.

As a situation;- rewards & treats.

Knight of Pentacles as a person;- young—ambitious and determined.

As a situation;- taking steps towards security.

Page of Pentacles a person;-young—happy—good natured—grounded.

As a situation;- small gains and loses, on the whole stability.

WANDSAce of Rods

King of Wands as a person;—energetic with drive and integrity.

As a situation;—negotiations and agreements.

 Queen of Wands as a person;—warm-light—loyal—vital.

As a situation;—rural pleasures—success for woman.

Knight of Wands as a person;—young—intelligent—impetuous—friendly.

As a situation;—much activity.

Page of Wands as a person;—lively young person—clever—quick.

As a situation;—opening up—creativity.



The Elements


ace of rodsFire is expressed through wands. And relates to the three fire signs of thefire zodiac.

When the Court Cards appear in a spread they frequently indicate the state of mind of a person or situation.

The King Queen Knight or Page of Wands usually mean a fiery person, fire sign may dominate their birth sign, or fiery behaviour may be indicated.

They may also be “Go ahead people” work oriented, active extravagant! And sometime selfish


earthTHE ELEMENT OF EARTH. Pentacles.Ace of pentacles

Earth is expressed through Pentacles, the Court Cards may indicate the person concerned has the zodiac qualities of the Earth signs, Hard working plodders! Good with money and property. Practical people, or some aspect of these traits. They may also lack imagination and tend to get “stuck” in life.




Air connects to the Air signs of the zodiac, and the so called “civilised mind” there may be a sense of aloofness about these people, and a detachment on the surface, these are often difficult to read as the can think on their feet and will try to out smart you! The Court Cards often indicate qualities of professions educated to some degree and sometimes spiteful and dangerous. Be careful always of the Court Cards of Air which are Swords..



THE ELEMENT OF WATER. Cups.Ace of cups

waterPerhaps the easiest to deal with! Being linked to the Water signs and emotion they are the Cups that are connected to births and weddings, partnerships, and the aspects they portray are sensitivity, emotionalism, friendship often self indulgent and artistic in some way. They also may be moody and negative and sometimes self-serving..

Reading the Tarot is a skill like any other..

If you practice and ‘attune’ to your cards you will do better than if you simply lay them to one side and occasionally pick them up and expect to be brilliant at reading them!


When you first obtain your new pack, it is veryTarot important to become very familiar with that pack (more packs may be bought later, but it is your first pack that you will learn the Sacred Tarot from!) Have them with you all of the time to begin with, look at them often, and if something happen in your life that you need direction, or an answer to...take out one card and see if it gives you that answer or direction. You may well be amazed at how relevant and to the point the card you have chosen may be!


To start with don’t even attempt to do a ‘full’ spread for yourself or anyone else...one card, or at the most three cards is enough to focus on when you begin to read the Tarot. But the more often you do so is the important thing! Your pack should become your friends and loving advisers and like any friendship this has to be worked at constantly.


To begin a formal three card reading for yourself or another you must prepare. The small amount of ‘ceremony’ here is not strictly essential, but I believe that if you treat your skill and your cards with loving respect, they and it will repay you in like manner very quickly!


Aquarian PackKeep a special cloth for laying your cards out on...buy or make a special bag to keep them in when they are with you. or any extra pack that you keep at home you may like to

invest in a beautiful box for that purpose, but a bag made to the right size is fare more convenient for the pack you always have with you.

When you place your cards down on their special cloth then sit for a moment and ‘tune in’ to them, greet them like the friends that they are, and in your mind ask that, with the help of your Guides and Angels they will lovingly lead you to wisdom.


Before you undertake a short reading for another person, always explain to them that the pictures that you see in the Tarot are symbols, and do not always point to how things are. Reassure them particularly about the ‘death’ card and that at its worst, it points to change and is often welcomed.


You can approach the reading two ways. Either ask them to choose three cards themselves from the pack that you have shuffled and then spread (backs up) on your cloth, or get them to shuffle the cards, themselves, then you spread them and ask them to choose. (Personally I do not allow my clients to shuffle the cards, preferring to have doneNew Paladini that myself previously and laying the cards out so that they can simply choose without having to go through the business of shuffling which with larger cards often results in cards all over the place and often around your feet!...you are reading Tarot...not playing poker!)


When they have chosen their cards, then place them on the cloth in the order they handed them to you (having chosen your type of spread) I find it more inspirational to turn each card over and focus on that card and its message before moving on to the next and treating it in a similar manner. Remember to consider all aspects of the cards that were chosen, together with their numerological value which can also be enlightening!


If the cards chosen seem not to supply the information or answer required, then ask the querant to choose another card for clarification. This card is often the most Fortune cardsrevealing and great relevance should be placed on it, although it may simply tell you that a clear answer is not possible through the cards at this time.


I always have a crystal ‘dowsing pendulum’ with my Tarot cards for just such an occasion, as you may well get a simple ‘yes or no’ answer this way if the cards are unclear. Used together the Sacred Tarot and a Crystal Pendulum are a wonderful combination, and I would strongly recommend that you keep your favourite

pendulum in the bag with your Tarot cards as they are so compatible to work with together!


Final Thoughts 

All the information in this guide is directly from my own ongoing experience over the past 30+ years.


I turned to the Sacred Tarot for solace at a particularly difficult and lonely time of my life, having lost both my parents within a six month period, and subsequently having suffered an abusive and destructiveCrystal Green

relationship. I was looking for answers and a way to move forward in my own life. The Sacred Tarot provided both!


The Tarot became my mentor and my friend! And once I had regained my strength and self-esteem I began to read for others with great success! Sometimes I feel that we have had to suffer ourselves to be of help and service to others.


Reading the Tarot can be a life skill and a life tool, whether it is for yourself of for others, Treat it with respect at all times and it will re-pay you many times over! As with most things, the Tarot can not successfully be used in isolation, all things are connected….Tarot Runes Crystals Numerology Astrology...all can be used together and compliment each other...All things are connected as is our connection to Our Mother Earth and all that she contains. Aho!

To programme your Crystal Dowser. 

Crystal pendulum dowsing can be performed in many ways and it is used for all sorts of purposes, such as finding water, minerals,

missing people and even lost objects.

It is also used in healing and to answer questions, and even to tell you if food is suitable for you to eat or not! It can also be used for Reiki healing and divination.

Crystal pendulums are unique, different cuts, different stones... different energy. They really do have something quite magical about them. Any type of crystal can be used for pendulum dowsing...in fact any heavy object will work, but in my experience crystals work dowsingbest for me, although many people prefer wood or natural stone.

At Silvermoon we sell beautiful crystal dowsing pendulums with a pouch to keep them in and full instructions.…

in fact we always offer a short free lesson in how to work with them whenever we sell one!

First hold the crystal in your hand (left or right which ever feels right!) andfeel your self ‘attune’ to your crystal.

Then hold the dowser with one hand by its chain or cord, and hold the other hand under it, (see illustration) so that the pendulum can freely swing….close your eyes and again tune in to your crystal….then ask that it show you how it will move for YES


Do this by asking it the question …. “Show me yes!” Whichever way the crystal swings (circle ….or back and forth) is its way of answering YES. You then know that any other movement will mean NO.

Only ask your pendulum questions that require a yes or no answer! Otherwise it can not answer you with any clarity. Always choose a crystal that you feel drawn to.

This is a basic idea of how to use your crystal dowser...but there are many good books on the subject.

This can become a fascinating exercise in psychic ability! And a real help to compliment a Tarot reading.

With Blessings!

Crystal Green at SILVERMOON X