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Keeping Well & Looking Good!


Keeping well and looking good!

 Physically psychically and mentally.

Here are some thoughts that I wished to add initially to my blog, but then thought in the light of how things are at the moment in this beautiful world of ours, it might be better to make this a permanent page so that people have chance to refer to it when they find this website and decide to explore.

For many years now I have found it difficult to convince people of my age! And I am not saying this with any sort of pride or arrogance, simply as a fact!

Since my middle years I have never really looked my age and as I get older it seems that people are more astonished when my age is mentioned and they realise that at coming up to 75… I am biologically an old woman! I believe I neither look move or speak like an old woman… I dare say the time will come when I do, but I still wonder about the garden with bare feet through the summer, and eat what I like when I like (which varies amazingly from week to week and sometimes day-to-day) and simply do not accept that growing older should limit me and what I can expect to get out of life.

I would like to share these thoughts with you because I believe that it is not just something inherited that keep me looking and feeling as I am, or the fact that I spend a great deal on potions & creams to keep me looking young I do not! For a woman of 75 my skin is relatively smooth and people often comment on it, when people come to visit me for a psychic reading, and realise my age they often ask “what face cream do you use?” And I hold up a tube of very inexpensive and very ‘simple’ cream that I use daily… I have never used anything else!

Yes I have problems with my heart but these have been ongoing since my 30s, and in my heart I believe that part of this comes from emotional trauma in my childhood. This I have since dealt with as best as I can but it has left me with permanent atrial fibrillation which seems to have no underlying cause. Having had all the test available, I am told that my heart is ‘young’ and has no sign of fatty tissue or hardening of the arteries… So I have to deal with something that is my own personal cross to carry… Although it stops me being quite as active as I once was, it does not bother me in other ways! I also seem to be free from any sort of arthritic condition which is nice, and I am able to move freely! But have suffered since childhood with what was diagnosed as ‘nervous asthma’ and at stressful times eczema. Again small crosses to bear when kept in check.

So now you will be wondering dear readers what the secret is? And so I am going to list them for you, not secrets but sense… And these are simply from my own personal experience of 75 for the most part happy, satisfying and very contented years.

I am giving you these thoughts in all honesty and simplicity and humility, this is simply the way I have lived, and continue to live my life… and if it brings help to others then I am grateful for being able to share it….

1.       I do not and I have never smoked cigarettes.

2.       I only take an alcoholic drink on high days and holidays (and Hogmanay) but only ever one, and never wine which makes me feel quite ill for some reason.

3.       I eat a very varied and colourful diet of unprocessed natural food and always have. I am not vegetarian or vegan but have been many times in the past and found it very beneficial and may do so again in the future. The amount of meat that I eat is very small perhaps once or twice a week, and invariably is chicken fish or local game. I eat a great deal of fruit in season when I can get it and veg, I freshly prepare most food for myself and my husband and during the cold winter months we seem to live on home-made soup and stews (with dumplings) and home-made bread. Nothing special here just a very well-balanced and healthy diet.

     and I 'listen' to my body all the time and it gives me feedback on how I am...

     this is often referred to as 'Bio-feedback' and is a marvellous way of checking how you really are! If I am feeling tired or stressed I curl up and sleep for an hour...I am lucky to work for myself and to be able to do this! I feel this is one of the most important ways of respecting and healing our bodies!

4.       As I have become older I have realised the importance of being in the here and now. In this somewhat frantic world we spend so much time rushing about and stressing, and there are so many people just now who are beside themselves with worry because of restrictions being put on them by our UK government… People with families who are living out of food banks and often sleeping on the streets… This should not be so… this should never be so in a time of supposed peace and prosperity! But that is another matter for another article and another day. So let me say as much as is possible in these difficult times we should live in the day, be grateful for what we have and not yearn for the things that we cannot have if we have enough to live on and a safe place to make our home… There are many in this world who have neither of these things! And spare a thought for those who are worse off than ourselves and in critical and life threatening situations, because they are always amongst us.

5.       Few people can afford to give freely… But we can all do some little kindnesses that may mean a great deal to the recipients. So every day try to do something to make someone else’s burden less. From a personal point of view it will make you feel good and that is good for you! And for the many many people with troubles at the moment... a little loving kindness goes a long way.

6.       I am by nature a happy person, and only get agitated when I am not allowed enough space to be in my own company. I am quite a private person and really enjoy my own company… I often wish I was a little more ‘social’ but I am not, and if I push myself in this direction I find it stressful. Learning more about yourself is very important in keeping yourself well… particularly emotionally and mentally. If like me you get great pleasure from working alone (as I do in my garden and workshop) if this is what makes you happy, then do not let anyone tell you that you should get out more and meet people! It’s all a question of who you are and what is important to you…

I hope you have found this useful. I truly believe that if we look after ourselves properly our bodies will look after us. I believe that we do to some extent need to take responsibility for our own well-being, and that there is much that we can do to further this.

Sending you oceans of love! Wellness, happiness and contentment for 2019.

Crystal Green. x




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