Crystal Green psychic therapistCrystal Green Psychic Therapist.

Hi there friends, followers and clients!

Ever since I decided to give up personal one-to-one readings over 2 years ago, I have been contacted by clients who ask if I will reconsider my retirement and do a one-to-one personal reading for them on a one-off basis.

 At the beginning of this year 2018 I did relent and took on a few readings and found to my delight

(and theirs) that it is still as rewarding and fulfilling as it always was for me,  and I believe that it is at times like this it is when my special gifts are needed!

So I have come to a decision, I shall continue doing perhaps two or three readings a week for the next two years and see how it goes. This will be for single readings, not for groups.

So let me be clear on what I'm actually offering here...Ace of rods

If you book a one-to-one personal reading with me using Tarot or Runes. Your questions answered possibly using will get a full Psychic Reading

(I no longer do spirit mediumship )

We will look at how the situation of your life is at the present time, and what the choices are ahead. We will look at possibilities and pitfalls... And I will alert you to everything that I feel you should know And if It is necessary this will include a brief healing session.Healing from Silvermoon Psychics

 I will also offer a short Healing. Shamanic or Reiki Healing session & Auric Cleansing if it is required at the end of your reading (please ask). Sometimes I feel that this is very necessary if you are in a difficult situation at this time in your life Or are unwell. My clients have always found this very beneficial in the past.

As most of you know I used to record my readings on the tape but this is no longer feasible, but I'm quite happy for my reading to be recorded on your own device be it phone or recorder.Sacred Runes at Silvermoon

The cost for this service for whatever you need is £40.

if you wish to book...Please contact me either by email or text me on:

07815 727 262. for availability of an appointment. Text will be charged at your normal rate and not extra. (Please remember to give your first name)

With Love and Blessings!

Crystal x