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Crystal's Online Blog for March 2018

Crystal with BluHello everyone! so here we are coming up to the third month of a quite exciting in many ways new year,

For the first time this year this morning actually felt and smell like spring was on its way! What a long dreary winter we have suffered... and I mean suffered, I have had the worst dose of flu ever in my life! It has taken me ages to get over it

(six weeks) and to all those people who were waiting patiently for readings from me my deepest apologies…

However I think I am now almost up-to-date and feeling loads better.

So what sort of spring and summer will it be?

I think like everything else just lately it will be changeable, there will be high spots in low points, and of course on the political front and with BREXIT nothing as yet settled

(will it ever be?) We simply plod on and hope that everything will come out right in the end which of course it usually does.

I don’t think we can expect much that is especially good until after the summer this year, I think the beginning of autumn will bring the real changes and it would seem to me that at that time there will be far more options open for many of us.

For a very long time it hasn’t felt that things were getting any better generally, but everything has to move on and we simply adapt to things as they are. The important thing is to keep positive, no matter how difficult things are if we haven’t died of it then we have things to be thankful for as the Buddha tells us. And I feel that this is the time for looking into the little things, the little changes we can make that will take us to a better place in our lives. Perhaps time to think about how we would like to see our lives in five years time and then explore anyways that we can work towards this… Believe me this really helps.

Moods are changing so quickly at the present time, and I believe the one thing we lack is patience  and the ability to simply be still and look!... We are too quick to think that there is nothing we can do and that we change, but of course we always can and the most important thing that we can do, is to be still and allow the thoughts and ideas to come to us that may benefit us more than panic!

So this month let us resolve to take a little time out every day to simply sit and listen… To our hearts? To our angels?... To all that there is!

Blessings for spring!


 I picked a tarot card & a Rune for March 2018 to represent what it may bring to us...and the card that came to my hand is The Wise Fool.

Meaning: All is well and you are safe... Let go and trust the process! The Rune is Ehwaz. Gradual development and steady progress...Harmony & Teamwork!

With blessings as always!

Crystal xxx

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Two full moon in March 2018Moon wise

Two full moons in March


 One past, the next one on

March 31 so again we have a blue moon month.


For those of you doing to spell work of any kind, the best time for most spells is the second blue moon on the 31st of this month… A special and powerful time.

My choice would be the early hours between the 30th and the 31st.

Success in all you do! x

Balancing thoughts
for March 2018.

What do we want?

Why do we want it?

 Do we actually know or... is it something stuck in our heads

 that has been there so long that we do not question it?

Perhaps this is a time for reviewing the things that we think we want

and looking at what we actually NEED

 in our lives...

 to do other will leave us unsatisfied whatever we do.

Things change and as we travel our path the things that we need change with them…

Make this spring not just a time of renewal, but a time of knowing

what is right for YOU


and how to get there.

With blessings as always
Crystal  xxx


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