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"You really are a very special gifted Scottish psychic and you don't just give a reading, it's so uplifting to know someone really cares about you and your predicament whatever that may be. Crystal, Scotland’s Earth Angel." 

Experience how a really good and relevant a focused professional psychic reading can be, even via email!
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Helpful Thoughts for the sign of Taurus! Mid May 2017...
All may not be as it seems! and an opportunity may turn into a burden... The Six of Swords councils thought and caution, Look for the hidden aganda before acting!
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Special £10 Email Reading Now extended by special request!
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Your Tarotscope for May 2017.
 2017.May...Lets focus on the Summer and all the joys to come!....
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The Full Moon in May 2017Moon wise
Next full moon will be May 10th in the Western Hemisphere.

This is the 'WIND' Moon of new beginnings!

This is the Moon of blowing away the old and settling in the new.

This is the Moon of being brave and innovative...

....this is the time to recreate whether it be new work, new love, or at its most impressive a new way of being...

This is the Moon of Change...  Wisdom... Belief!

Blessed be!

Balancing thought for May. Relax
And once again all is change!  
and who is to say is this for the worse for the we really know?

Worldwide strange things are happening, things that we seem to have no control over... and the assumption is that they will be bad. Bad for the planet and bad for us..

But is that necessarily so?
It seems odd that in so many places the established order is been turned on its head...
And so perhaps this is the 'wind of change' before the calm?

It is an unalterable fact that change is necessary at times, and perhaps we are seeing it worldwide because it is necessary worldwide, and only by radical change will we be able to pick up the pieces and start again.

We have to trust..
 right now we can do little else...
 but what we can do is to celebrate
'The Now'

With blessings, Crystal  xxx


Crystal with BluCrystal's Psychic Blog for May 2017

Hello everyone!

My monthly blog for May 2017 is now here!!!


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To remind you that I have started sometimes updating this blog through the the month, as well as at the beginning of the month, so please pop in now and again to see what else has been added, I shall aim to add something most weeks.... All new additions will be at the top of the page, not the bottom.


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