A spiritual journey.

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My Spiritual Journey to Silvermoon   


 aMany people feel deeply comforted by the inspiration and love of angels, guardians and spirit guides however, it can sometimes be a struggle when things go horribly wrong for us and we feel transitory thoughts of cynicism.  The chances are that if you have come onto this site, then you are perhaps in touch with your spiritual self more than many others or you may be curious to delve in a bit deeper to something that you feel drawn to know more about.

 I have always been deeply fascinated by it all, ever since I was a young child.  I have never been religious but always a believer in something so much higher than us, a Mecca of whom we derived and will return to at the end of this lifetime.

 From an early age I had always felt slightly different, perhaps more sensitive than lots of other people. Having been a deep thinker and observer, I experienced many people being drawn to me as a confidante.  My deep empathy for others, intuition and experiences of loss and turmoil has helped me use my knowledge and understanding to comfort others. 

 What I never understood as I struggled to cope with my own problems was why was it, that I did so much for other people and yet for me, no matter what I did, everything goes wrong.  Anything I desire that I finally do acquire is taken away from me, almost as quickly.  Encompassant to this, I did and have always tried to remain hopeful.  The saying that everything happens for a reason, I do believe to be true, but we don’t always know the reasoning for the purpose of the journey.  crystal group

 As my teenage years progressed and also much until now, growing up had been abashed with much pain, there was not one aspect of my life that was bearable yet I still dusted myself off and carried on but as they never faltered, neither did these ‘abilities’ of mine that I had tried to ignore.  Soon I could disregard them no longer.

 The world felt like it was crashing in on me.  Nobody could really understand what I was going through, they would think I was going mad.  My experiences were a mixture of out of body experiences, hearing spirit voices, using me as a medium, premonitions, strange feelings, which all terrified me at the time.  I was a young, trendy young thing in London, trying to live a normal life, although I never quite felt I ever did. I felt encased in a catacomb of solitary confinement feeling like I was the prisoner and the jailer.

 One lunch –time I found myself in the corner of a bookshop where there were the self-help books, spiritual and psychology ones.  I bought a whole load, I was determined to see if I could try and learn more about myself.  I had always revered a huge passion for psychology and wondered why it was so easy to solve other people’s problems but mine were always a mystery!  I bought some Angels cards along with learning about the subconscious mind, books about psychic ability and angel guides I found them all greatly comforting and learned that many people who have certain gifts also are afflicted with much mayhem in life as though they need to experience it first hand before they can help others.  As I became more in tune with myself, I did begin to feel a presence around me, whether you call it an inner voice, or your spirit guide. 

 I began dousing with a pendulum and learned that I could channel energy; this has also become stronger after the last year or so.  Still with all of this, my life had still been in great conflict and I truly did not know what to do, which direction to take now. 

I came across the Silvermoon site when I was looking for a medium clairvoyant, I felt a huge surge to find some answers, I need guidance that only a higher counsel could provide for me; there was nowhere else to turn. I have had readings before which have been wonderful but there seemed to be some things about myself that I just didn’t know and felt that by never knowing them, this cycle in my life will be never ending.

 Not long before the discovery, I had become interested in past life regression and read a few books on them and wondered if this was in any way restricting my progression in this lifetime.

 My douser was spinning round as rapidly as a whirlwind when I came across Crystal.  I had already had a reading with the lovely Amber and she suggested that Crystal would be able to shed more on my past life.

 Crystal GreenCrystal’s reading came at a time when I was in deep disparaging despair but told me how it was indeed so, an aspect of my past life which was not allowing me to let go and that I should try and commune and counsel with it under deep meditation and hypnosis which I had just booked a session.  Crystal told me many other things that gave me a great sense of hope, and all the facts about my life now true to the letter.  I felt a huge weight had been lifted and many of the answers I needed were now all coming to the fore.

 I have had many regression treatments now and my life is now improving rapidly and I have a renewed faith.  Crystal kindly told me that I had a great deal of many spiritual gifts, which I have been trying to learn more about and nurture them.  It is still a journey I am on, life is not quite yet roses round the door, but through my readings with Crystal, Amber and White Lily, they have all made me realise that our journeys are all individually just as important as everyone else and that our souls live on forever and are renewed with new lives when we return to incarnate.

 Strength can sometimes feel like clutching at straws but having the chance to really learn about yourself to help direct you along a sometimes very wobbly pathway has helped me more than I could have imagined which is why I wanted to write this and let other people know the amazing work that they do here and I look forward to future help that I am sure I will be seeking out again.

 The depth and understanding that they draw from you is truly amazing and I am deeply grateful that they have these special gifts with which to aid me along towards my full potential enlightenment.


Elle Garrapa