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I had plans for this blog and for this month but it seems as if we are in a time of change so rapid that it is very difficult to keep up with anything. And so firstly I would simply like to offer love healing and prayers to those who were killed in London in the tower block fire, and ongoing healing to those who as a result of it are now living in temporary homes and with such dreadful uncertainty about their own futures.

We must never allow this to happen again!

It makes anything else that I was going to say this month superfluous!



So.... I spoke to you last month about my new email readings. I would have liked to have had them up and running and sorted by now, but as usual I am massively The Foolbehind with everything! I have no excuse,... It is what it is!

Apart from that everything is as I said  last month... See below...

Two readings to be discontinued, and one new one to be created during this month of June.

Many of you will have noticed that the £10 special reading which has been on for almost a year now has eventually disappeared. I have had to discontinued this reading because I become overwhelmed with them at certain times of the year and simply can’t always get them out on time. As many of you will realise I am always late with this one!

So the £10 reading has gone for good!

The next most popular is the £25 premium reading… This will now be discontinued towards the end of July...and a new £20 reading will take its place which is slightly less expensive but more to the point.

Instead of the usual format, this reading (£20) will give you news for the coming month. A sort of monthly guide… And will answer three questions for you.

I believe this is more up-to-date in our very quickly changing times, and will be more appreciated.

There is also the opportunity to book 6 months of these £20 readings in advance with a one-off payment of £100. (Which is offering you a saving of £20 if you book as a block of six readings) I am hoping to have this up and running towards the end of this month, so the £25 premium reading will still be here until that happens.

Hanged man


now it seems  we have the time of Brexit negotiations.... Now I might be wrong and perhaps too much of an old fogey to understand politics too well, but it seems to me that we are still in the same state of confusion?

I suppose I was expecting too much!

perhaps an actual fact everyone is as confused as I am?

It certainly does not seem as if things are going to change rapidly, and we must work our way through the grindingly boring politics of today before we can see through to tomorrow.

so as I said last month....

So come on guys! Whatever life throws at us next we will deal with it!

We are strong and resilient all of us! And where ever you live in the world just remember that in the end we ourselves dictate our future and we must never give up in despair!

I shall add to this blog a little later in the month this month so keep an eye on it!

 Crystal and Jasper

Wishing you all a wonderful summertime!


Blessings to you all! xxxx

Crystal xxx


Please let me remind those of you who live local to us here in Scotland, you will not be able to have a one-to-one personal reading with me any more as at the age of 73, I have retired from that part of my work, but you can book an Email Reading from this site, and I always love to hear from you! ....and if you phone or email me in the hope that I will change my mind, I am sorry but you will probably connect  with an old phone and your call ( text) may not be answered.  I have tried so many times to retire from this and always failed  because I allowed myself to be talked into doing...' Just one more reading' This time I am not. Please respect this and do not put me in the awkward position of having once again to say "no I am retired from personal one-to-one readings"

With love and blessings as always to you all!

Crystal xxx


Psychic Readings and Special Offers!

News of more special readings...


The £25 premium reading I have kept on for the moment until the new £20 special is ready to be uploaded, because again it is just so popular,

find it here!  the new reading will be ready sometime this month!



With love and many many blessings!

Crystal  xxxx