June 2017 BLOG.

I had just started to write this blog this morning when the news comes through Crystal greenthat we now have a hung parliament in the UK! At this present time and as I speak we have absolutely no idea of what is going to happen next,

after all the uncertainty since the vote for BREXIT was called, it seems to have been one difficult thing after another and you would honestly wonder how things could get into such a mess?

So all we can do at this present time is wait and hope & see, and hope fervently that whatever happens next is to all our advantage!



So.... some news for you about my email readings.

Two readings to be discontinued, and one new one to be created during this month of June.

Many of you will have noticed that the £10 special reading which has been on for almost a year now has eventually disappeared. I have had to discontinued this reading because I become overwhelmed with them at certain times of the year and simply can’t always get them out on time. As many of you will realise I am always late with this one!

The FoolSo the £10 reading has gone for good!

The next most popular is the £25 premium reading… This will be discontinued towards the end of June...and a new £20 reading will take its place which is slightly less expensive but more to the point.

Instead of the usual format, this reading (£20) will give you news for the coming month. A sort of monthly guide… And will answer three questions for you.

I believe this is more up-to-date in our very quickly changing times, and will be more appreciated.

There is also the opportunity to book 6 months of these £20 readings in advance with a one-off payment of £100. (Which is offering you a saving of £20 if you book as a block of six readings)

I cannot tell you exactly when this is going to appear, but I am working on it at the moment so sometime during this month, and until it is uploaded and working, then the £25 premium reading will remain.Hanged man

So… Back to our most peculiar political ramifications in the UK. We have no idea long-term how this will pan out, Long time since we experiances a 'Hung Parliament....although it has been predicted by many people over the past week.

So what can we do?... We can learn to be adaptable and take it as it comes, (my goodness this year we should have already learned this lesson)      and also take comfort in the fact that we live in a democracy and what has happened overnight is proving just that!


So come on guys! Whatever life throws at us next we will deal with it!

We are strong and resilient all of us! And where ever you live in the world just remember that in the end we ourselves dictate our future and we must never give up in despair!

 Crystal and Jasper

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!


Blessings to you all! xxxx

Crystal xxx


Please let me remind those of you who live local to us here in Scotland, you will not be able to have a one-to-one personal reading with me any more as at the age of almost 73, I have retired from that part of my work, but you can book an Email Reading from this site, and I always love to hear from you!

With love and blessings as always to you all!

Crystal xxx


Psychic Readings and Special Offers!

News of more special readings...


The £25 premium reading I have kept on for the moment until the new £20 special is ready to be uploaded, because again it is just so popular,

find it here!  the new reading will be ready sometime this month!



With love and many many blessings!

Crystal  xxxx