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So the £10 reading has gone for good!

The next most popular the £25 premium reading…has now changed and is £20

Instead of the usual format, this reading (£20) will give you a news update for the coming months.  And will answer your three questions and explore them for you in far more detail than previously.

I believe this is more up-to-date in our very quickly changing times, and will be more appreciated taking on board the feedback I have from many of my ongoing clients.

There will eventually be the opportunity to book 6 months of these £20 readings in advance with a one-off payment of £100. (Which is offering you a saving of £20 if you book as a block of six readings) I am hoping to have this up and running towards the end of this month. But the new format £20 is available NOW! here.....



Thought for August...Crystal Green Psychic

No matter what age we are presently at, lessons present themselves to us… No matter how sophisticated or wise we consider ourselves to be, sometimes we make disastrous mistakes by jumping to conclusions, and by not allowing time to give us the correct perspective!

I have indeed learned this lesson again over this past month. Assuming that someone was ignoring me because of a variety of reasons… I became upset… and that coloured many days for me thinking over and over again about what I could have done to of course the problem.

How arrogant is that? Why did I perceive this as being centred around me? Because that is how we normally see things I suppose. But we need to separate from the hurt and be able to take a step backwards and look at the bigger picture…

In the end I discovered after I had disciplined myself to simply ‘let this go’ that in fact it was nothing to do with me at all but a series of events concerning the other person which could not have been avoided.

Of course I felt rather silly but glad that I had let it go and not challenged my friend… Quite rightly! And I shall AGAIN endeavour to learn from this lesson..

And the lesson is?Runes We do nothing and everything gets done! Or as the great Lao Tzu tells us:-

By doing nothing, nothing lacks… When Harmony reigns and we rule ourselves with Felicity, everyone gains, and we’ll all live in Simplicity!

In the end we get it right… But think of all the heartache we cause ourselves in the meantime by simply jumping to conclusions and then getting caught in the maelstrom of why’s and wherefore’s. If we give anything time that is not urgent, and allow ourselves to take a step puts back and view it differently and from a different perspective then we will see a different solution… Perhaps this should be our lesson for August? Because at the moment it seems as if the whole of our world is somewhat precarious and there are many instances that we can think, the worst is likely to happen.

And that brings me to the subject of ‘worry’ generally, have you ever considered how totally useless this emotion is?

We worry about going to the dentist for example, we worry for days before probably longer knowing that we may need treatment that might be painful or disagreeable. But if we can put that worry back, or I would rather think of it as making a contract with it… That it will not be thought about or worried about until we actually walking the dentists surgery! And then we can worry all that we like and simply wallow in worry! But it will be such a short time that at the end of the session we will wonder why we bothered? And to think of all the emotional negativity we would have stirred up if we have been worrying for the whole week instead of theCalm whole five minutes!  So you see a useless waste of time and emotion! And believe me you can get into the habit of doing this (not worrying till the last minute) and eventually you may even stop worrying at all. Because what good does it do? Non-but it can do a great deal of harm to us emotionally.

So as we listened to the never-ending upsetting news… Let’s instead focus on at least one nice thing every day that has happened somewhere in the world, preferably somewhere near to where you live. Some little gratuitously kind act that has made someone in need very happy… It may seem that the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket, but there are still beautiful things happening in the world! And if we can focus on those instead and simply say no to the negativity around us we will be helping to raise us above the banal!


 Crystal and Jasper

Wishing you all a wonderful summertime!

Blessings to you all! xxxx

Crystal xxx


Please let me remind those of you who live local to us here in Scotland, you will not be able to have a one-to-one personal reading with me any more as at the age of 73, I have retired from that part of my work, but you can book an Email Reading from this site, and I always love to hear from you! ....and if you phone or email me in the hope that I will change my mind, I am sorry but you will probably connect  with an old phone and your call ( text) may not be answered.  I have tried so many times to retire from this and always failed  because I allowed myself to be talked into doing...' Just one more reading' This time I am not. Please respect this and do not put me in the awkward position of having once again to say "no I am retired from personal one-to-one readings"

With love and blessings as always to you all!

Crystal xxx


Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results. Sakyong Mipham