November 2017 BLOG.

So here we are once again moving towards the end of the year, and a very difficult year itCrystal Green Psychic Healer has been for many people myself included.

and yet now my own personal feeling is that there is a change in the air, that perhaps we can now begin to move on with a little more structure to our lives than there has been over the past while..


  If this past year has taught me anything it is that we simply cannot rely on anything staying the same or  success that we have had remaining successful for any length of time.


Our lives are ruled by others it seems and the margin  of free will appears to get smaller and smaller as time goes on...and who does this benefit? Very few people I believe  at the present time.


So what can we do?

I am reminded of a wonderful book called the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, whose cover said in big friendly letters..

...DONT PANIC!... And this is so relevant at the present time, because the truth is that it is very difficult not to panic at the moment when it seems that the whole world is in chaos to some extent.

As I have counselled before dear friends, in times like this all that you can do is bring your vision down to a single point, the point of your own life and your own ambitions.


Tarot at SilvermoonI picked a tarot card for November  to represent what it brings to us...and the card that came to my hand is the six of swords ( moving to calmer waters) and I do so hope that we all can allow ourselves to do this  despite the difficult times that we are in!


I believe it's a time for getting back to basics, and as long as we have the basics then anything else  can be worked on gradually... certainly not a time for taking risks and yet a time for sharing with others less fortunate. I remember my parents talking about the wonderful camaraderie of the past world war, (which we think about at this time of year), and how people helped each other and created their own rescue systems... have we forgotten this? Are we so insulated now that we rely on our governments and our big institutions for everything? Perhaps this is a time to see things 'smaller' and in some small ways create our own reality.


I for one am making all my Christmas presents to give out this year, because with them we give a very personal supportive energy and surely, this is more important than the actual gift!


RunesHave a wonderful November all, and remember that everything changes  and sometimes it is good to see the usefulness of adversity and what it relates to us.



Wishing you all wonderful November ramblings!


Blessings to you all! xxxx

Crystal xxx




"There is no beauty in receiving without giving.

True compassion lies in what you can do for someone else."