October 2017 BLOG.

Firstly I must apologise for not updating the site last month, many of you have contactedCrystal with Blu me wondering why this was so, there is no one specific reason unfortunately,  it was a difficult month all-round in many ways, busy and disjointed... and try as I might it was simply impossible for me to get my head round doing this but I have to say, the fact that it had not been done was lurking at the back of my mind all month and giving me a load of trouble! As a very organised person I hate this sort of situation but eventually I realised there was merit in letting it go and focusing on what I needed to focus on in that time. But here we are with October's blog thank goodness!

so worldwide and generally things don't seem to have changed very much except to get worse over the past month. I am told that we are now one step nearer to world War three... lovely thought?  I think not. And all of us think of our children and our children's children... but let me share a little bit of wisdom that I had from my spirit guide Thomas this week.


 We will still be here! We are in the midst of massive global changes! but we will not fail them! it is not Armageddon... it is realignment and much of it on a planetary scale. what can we do personally? Very little... except trust the process and hold the space!


 Nearer to home, the weather we have been having as being very peculiar  and simply part of the whole picture. It is sometimes difficult to see the dreadful pictures of whole islands that have been destroyed by weather systems, and I cannot  begin to think how the people must feel that have lost literally everything other than the clothes they stand up in. Perhaps sometimes there is merit in thinking and sending healing to these people rather than worrying about our own position? There are many global healing networks at the moment that you can simply join in too...how to do this? Very simple, tarot with Crystal


 take a time when you won't be disturbed, set quietly preferably with a lit candle ( anything done in the light is sacred and special)  feel as if you are holding the globe in your hands gently reverently and lovingly, and sent healing from your heart-core to surround the planet going to the places where it is most needed...do this for a few minutes sending love and healing... you will at some point almost feel as if this love and healing is being drawn out of you it is so badly needed at this time. Continue but do not let yourself become exhausted... break off and then rest.

 ...then drink a glass of water and don't do too much else for the next couple of hours whilst you build energy again to continue with your own world. 


Doing this at any time when you feel sadness for yourself or others will put you back into alignment with the universe and the healing you give out returns many times over to you!


Please don't think that it is only ' healers' who can do this! we all have the same abilities believe me, we are all healers we have unfortunately somewhere along the line lost touch with this and the fact that we can all make a difference.

We All created from the same energy, we all have the same abilities we can all feel the earth with our intention.


 Have a peaceful autumn and as you prepare for winter gives silent thanks for all that you have. 



Wishing you all wonderful autumnal thoughts!

Blessings to you all! xxxx

Crystal xxx




"There is no beauty in receiving without giving.

True compassion lies in what you can do for someone else."