MAY 2017 BLOG.

A thought came to me while I was sitting spinning at my spinning wheel this morning.Crystal tarot

Yes this is something I do quite a lot of, it can be invigorating or meditative and either way is great fun!


I was thinking about the yarn that I was making, which was a mixture of Cashmere and Marino wool.

And thinking that from the shop that sells it for me, this beautiful hand spun wool goes all over the world! People love to buy it and it never stays in the shop for very long… (Which is why I was sitting at my spinning wheel this morning making more).


The thought occurred to me that because it was so popular and was going such long distances that that must make me successful at what I do, and it was quite a surprise to realise this. The pleasure that I get from the actual process of spinning is wonderful, and apart from this the fact that people wish to buy it makes it more so, to me because I have been doing this for 40 years or more it seems quite normal and natural, but in fact it makes my skill something ‘special’ when I really think about it and I am grateful for the skill I have been given.


Crystal with crystal ballHow many times do we take ourselves for granted and not give ourselves recognition for what we do? I believe we do it all the time. We all have some talent that we are especially good at, but we don’t really give ourselves credit for that and we tend as human beings to put ourselves down instead.

When I really thought about how successful it was to be creating something unique and then selling it on a worldwide (albeit tiny) scale, then I felt intensely happy and somewhat pleased with myself.


Supposing we do this intentionally?… Think about something that we know that we can do well, think about a time that we did it and how it made us feel because it worked so well for us. Take that feeling of happiness and pleasure that we can do this and in some way ‘pay it forward’ to the next time we feel somewhat worthless or worried about something that we are about to undertake.


We can do this! And this is how.


When there is something coming up in your life that you know will be difficult and you are feeling uncertain about, it can be anything from your wedding to an exam or even a meeting that you know will not be easy,  and many other things in between… Then sit quietly and think about something in your life in the past that you really succeeded at. It doesn’t have to be anything enormous, something simple that gave you pleasure because you managed it so wellCards…. And it need have nothing to do with what you propose to do in the future.


When you have located something of this sort, then close your eyes and take a deep breath and slowly let it out to a count of 3 and then relax. Think about how this happened and what you did, and how you felt afterwards, and congratulate yourself to the success that you made.


Now think about the situation that looms in your future… whether it is an ordeal like an exam or something exciting but slightly worrying because you’re afraid of it going wrong, and together with that thought put the feeling from the past of the enjoyment you had and the pleasure you got from when you were really successful. Connect the two!


 In you mind make an emotional bridge between the past and the future, a beautiful creation of are however you would like it to be… Perhaps it is a beautiful silver bridge encrusted with beautiful crystals? Or perhaps it is a very rural bridge made of twiney branches… Whatever you yourself feel happy with.

 Now again in your mind slowly walk across this bridge from the past into the future carrying in your arms all the happiness that you generated from what it was that you did that was successful…. and when you cross the bridge into the future situation,Crystal Green open your arms and allow all the success… joy… happiness to flow into the future… Then spend a moment or two thinking about how wonderful this will be!

And when you are ready take another deep breath and as you let it out let out any negativity that you still have about either the future or the past… and in your own time open your eyes and smile!


Believe me it works, but I found it unconsciously and was aware that when I was somewhat dreading a situation in the future, when I went to bed at night I would dream about something in the past that was very pleasant and that I managed very easily… And as I was spinning this morning I thought: “how wonderful to pass this on to all my dear friends and clients”


So there we are! And if you do it and have success with it please get back to me and let me know.


Wishing you all a wonderful spring and early summer!


Blessings to you all! xxxx

Crystal xxx


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With love and blessings as always to you all!

Crystal xxx


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With love and many many blessings!

Crystal  xxxx