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Balancing thought for May.

Relax and smile! the summer creeps towards us, and treats us now and again with a blast of wintry weather, we sometimes ask ourselves if summer will ever fully come this year?


but in the end it will! and we must learn to savour and appreciate the lovely we so need them at a time where nothing is certain...

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The full moon in June  
Our next full moon will be June. The 20th
Strawberry Moon.  the time of planting strawberries and closely nurturing the little plants . a time of paying close attention to anything that may attack them.
...this is a time of cautiousness
...this is a time of attention to detail
... this is a time of providing for later in the year and bringing a small amount of sweetness to our lives with something that is bountiful and sensual, so a time of doing and preparing for the future.
in the scale of things strawberries may be frivolous food... but what they add to our diet is magnificent frivolity!
 May all your moons be happy and fruitful this year
Lily. Crystal. Theo and the team at Silvermoon xxx
Your Tarotscope June 2016

Generally speaking the month of June would seem to be a month of confusion for most of us, mainly this is due to the alignment of the planets at the moment, and the fact that mercury is still retrograde.
see more!

In most of our lives there will be confusion and a feeling of not really being in control, this is made worse by world situations at the moment and here in the UK the fact that we are coming up to an important referendum... That many of us simply do not understand the ramifications of! but by the end of June things should become clear and hopefully we can get on with life!
 See the full tarotscope for the month. Here! 

Crystal's Psychic Blog for June 2016



Hello everyone!

Firstly let me apologise for being so late with my blog this month!

And thank you for everyone who has contacted me to tell me that it needs updating!

I have no excuse other than I have been sooo busy over the last few weeks. So many changes here at Silvermoon!....

 Read  more!


To remind you that I have started sometimes updating this blog through the the month, as well as at the beginning of the month, so please pop in now and again to see what else has been added, I shall aim to add something most weeks.... All new additions will be at the top of the page below, not the bottom.


  Read  more!

The Companions of Spirit meeting with Psychic Crystal Green

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Our newest site (now Online!)  psychicwise a psychic site in which you can use PayPal to pay for most readings instead of usual credit card system also book psychic & Tarot readings from here! . (alba being the old word for Scotland!) this is Lily psychic site with loads of information on 'world of the witch' plus spell work! also Psychic & Tarot Readings from Lily  Beautiful hand crafted goods made in the North East of Scotland! This site is being re constructed at the moment to include other small craft businesses as a local directory. Home Spun wool spinning site. available for lessons and demonstrations locally


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Circle Dancing at The Findhorn Foundation North of Scotland 2014
Psychic Therapy. Healing. Reiki. Circle Dancing at Findhorn Noth East of Scotland.

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